The Valleys Regional Park

Parc Rhanbarthol y Cymoedd

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Greenmeadow Community Farm has been a working farm for over 250 years. Set in over 150 acres, it has a wide range of pedigree and rare animals.

Nestled in the heart of Cwmbran, it is a Community Farm in every sense of the word, working closely with and serving the local community and welcoming visitors from far and wide.

The work set out to improve the farm through a number of key enhancements, the creation of 0.46 km of access trails, and the provision of green energy demonstration systems.









The project consisted of an exciting programme of works that met the aspirations of the Valleys Regional Park programme including the following:


1. Upgrading the ‘Eye Paddock’. 

This area was of very poor quality and little used by visitors. The work upgraded the area to create a vibrant arena where the farm staff can hold regular events and provide an added attraction which will increase visitors to the farm. 

Footpaths were upgraded to provide improved access, signage installed and some animals will be moved to this area in order to draw visitors to an area of the farm that is little visited.

A shelter was erected in order to provide protection from the rain or shade from the sun making the area useable for much of the year. The access to the woodland and pond adjacent to the Eye Paddock was improved in order to provide further interest for the visiting public.

2. Phase 2 of the Haybarn:

To provide an enhanced visitor experience and accommodate further visitor numbers it was considered essential that phase 2 of the Haybarn was undertaken. This work included:


Ground floor accommodation for the Gwent Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. This has allowed the Guild to make a greater contribution to special event days at the Farm and will mean that they are more accessible throughout the year providing access to crafts for visitors.

Their new room was also engineered to allow visitor access and information even when the Spinners are not on site.

A hatchery and small animal unit has added great visitor appeal and provided top quality animal accommodation and incubation facilities allowing customers to view hatching as it happens.

Integrated demonstration of sustainable energy technology with information panels has added a new element to the visitor experience.

3. Improved link to Springvale and Church Woods Local Nature Reserve (LNR)

Springvale and Church Woods LNR is located adjacent to the farm but there was no connection between the two. The work provided controlled access to the LNR via new gates and footpaths to allow farm staff to expand their offer and lead guided walks and school visits to the area

Good practice

Ensured that the local communities are involved in the development of the project.

Provided opportunity for healthy lifestyles promotion.

Responded to ‘sense of place’ and local design styles in environmental improvement.

All access improvements and furniture met access for all policy & DDA guidelines.